We continue to work through the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, and we want to assure you that our priorities remain centered on the safety and security of our investment and operations teams, their families, and our clients. The information below updates our return to office protocol, key precautionary measures we are taking to promote safety, and our efforts to ensure that our portfolio management and operational capabilities remain fully functional.

Return to Office Update

We updated our Return to Office (“RTO”) plans in mid-June 2021 to allow fully vaccinated employees to voluntarily work from the office, meet in-person outside the office, and/or travel for business. We have not yet set a date for a broader return, and our longer-term RTO plans will be adjusted as we monitor and respond to COVID-19 developments, recommendations, and regulatory guidelines. 

Continuity of Operations

Our investment and operations teams continue to work predominantly remote. Our business remains fully operational, and we continue to update and enhance remote work capabilities to ensure that our portfolio management and operational capabilities remain robust and responsive to our client and business needs.

Communications and Awareness

We have provided the necessary technology tools for our teams to work collaboratively in the remote environment, and we provide all of our associates with updates from our Management Committee, and regularly scheduled interdepartmental and committee meetings.  In addition, we remain in contact with key third-party vendors, staying abreast of their operational capabilities and contingency processes to support our investment and operational needs.

Experience and Testing

The maintenance and testing of our business continuity plan, including examining the resiliency of our core function capabilities, is part of our normal course of business and we believe has set us up well to support working remotely.  Over the past year, our IT and operations teams have worked to further improve upon our remote work capabilities, enhancing the stability and efficiency of our virtual work environment. 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to crm@fpa.com.